Story Writing Competition @ A Land of Stories

About the competition:

Join us for a story writing competition based on A Land of Stories, a photography exhibition that showcases the stories, people, landscapes, and architecture of Tamil Nadu. 

Write a story and win exciting prizes!

-The competition is open to residents of Tamil Nadu only. 

-The competition is open to two sets of age groups: (a) Ages 11-15 and (b) Ages 16-19.

Word limit:

  • Ages 11-15: 300-500 words 

  • Ages 16-18: 800-1000 words


  • The story must be an original piece of writing written independently by the participant. 
  • Pick ONLY 5 images out of the 10 images given below, and weave a story inspired by them:

  • Your story can be in either English or Tamil. Mixing the two languages is not permitted.

  • The story must have a comprehensive description of the selected images entwined into the storyline.

  • Your story must have a title. The title should not exceed 5 words.

  • Your story must be uploaded via the Google Form below. The document should preferably be in PDF format.  

  • Your document must clearly state the following:

  1. Your name

  2. Your age

  3. Your phone number

  4. The title of your story

  5. Your story

  6. At the bottom of the document, clearly state the five photographs you have chosen. Note: You can state the serial number of the selected photographs.

Your story will be judged on:

  1. Description and inclusion of selected images

  2. Plot development

  3. Clarity of narrative

  4. Grammar and Vocabulary

  5. Characterization


The competition shall have 4 winners in following categories:

(a) Ages 11-15

  • Best Story Written in English: 1 winner

  • Best Story Written in Tamil: 1 winner

(b) Ages 16-19

  • Best Story Written in English: 1 winner

  • Best Story Written in Tamil: 1 winner

For further information or inquiries, please email: