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At the CPB Foundation, we strongly believe in and stand by the power and value of good visual journalism and are excited to bring back the CPB Photo Awards - which will be a yearly opportunity going forward. Visual journalism is significant for us not just because it brings the news and keeps us informed, but because it emphasizes the role image-making and image-viewing plays in our everyday lives. Since last year, among the thousands of lives lost as a result of the pandemic, it was the photojournalists, publications and visual journalism platforms (news channels, social media, digital platforms) that faced the harshest realities, including loss of jobs, and in many cases loss of their own lives as well. Photojournalists and visual storytellers have been at the forefront of reporting and documenting both life-challenging as well as underrepresented stories across the globe. They have worked diligently to keep a record of every incident, every disaster, every shift across time, from ecological collapses and climate change debates to paradigm shifts in culture and society, conversations on gender rights and egalitarian movements, to provide a point of reference to moments that might lose context in an insta world. They could be documenting man-animal conflicts or live protests, reporting on critical situations like rapes or natural disasters - trying to be there at the right moment at the right time, or be documenting a silent inner war like depression - all this, not to win awards, but for the sole commitment to the profession - brining the news and the story to you. It is through their hard work that we get to bear witness to events sitting in the comforts of our homes. A tremendous loss for the Photojournalism community has been the loss of Danish Siddiqui while covering the conflict in Afghanistan - a mentor to many, a caring human being, Pulitzer prize winner and the chief photojournalist with Reuters India. To honour his legacy and the community's love for his work, the CPB Foundation is instituting the Photo of the Year Award in his name. 

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