This grant is for young and emerging photographers identifying as females who look to support projects on wildlife, vegetation, land, ecology, natural resource management, ecotourism, climate crisis, and related social issues.

  • The applicant must be a resident of India. 
  • There is no age restriction, although preference will be given to grant requests from young and emerging photographers. 
  • Grant sums are up to INR 2 lakh and are payable to applicants in installments of 25% every quarter. 
  • Proposals can be made in any Indian language including English. 

Note: Joint applications for collaborative projects undertaken by researchers, environmentalists, wildlife activists, and alike working with lens-based artists are encouraged. All collaborators must identify as female.

  • Fulfillment of the grant requires:Project completion within a 12 month period: Photo Story or Multimedia work or Documentary Film (final selection of 25-30 images/ 5-10 min video work) 
  • Quarterly detailed report with images/video and supporting material. 
  • Completed works to be published within 6-12 months of project completion (newspaper, magazine, self-published book) or a public exhibition, and
  • A report detailing how the money was spent in the 12th month of the grant period. 

Applications are to be submitted on the google form attached below. All materials (portfolio) must be compiled in a folder.

Last date to apply: 31 July 2021. Applications are judged on:

  • The value of the project to conservation,
  • The soundness of the project proposal (clarity of purpose, achievability, concise timeline, demonstration of project management skills), and
  • The artistic and technical ability of the photographer, demonstrated by a small portfolio.

Costs that can be covered:

  • Logistics travel within India, basic accommodation
  • Consumable supplies (such as food)
  • Incidental fees (such as entry fees into national reserves)
  • Limited commercial or professional fees as a minority component
  • Processing and photographic printing costs as a minority component
  • Reasonable costs associated with the development of techniques or the fabrication of special-purpose equipment or facilities (eg. hides, remote setups, etc.)
  • Payments within community groups if the project requires their cooperation and labor.  

Costs outside the scope of the grants:

  • Travel outside India.
  • Photography for clients who will pay, or photography expressly for commercial stock
  • Projects using only existing images. Costs that can be covered are:Costs outside the scope of the grants are:

The photographer retains full copyright to the work produced. 

Note: While feedback on applications is provided where possible, grants and loans are made at the discretion of CPB Foundation, and unsuccessful applications may be declined without explanation.

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